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Cultural Awareness Courses

In the hospitality industry staff not only have to deal with people from different cultures and religions, but also guests from other cultures both locally and internationally.

Conflict and problems arise within the workplace as a result of not understanding the other cultures. These courses will improve the understanding of different cultures and consequently build acceptance and tolerance.

CULTURAL AWARENESS ONE is designed to assist staff working in an organisation to understand each other's cultures and therefore understand the actions and attitudes of their colleagues. The focus is on local cultures in the work place.

CULTURAL AWARENESS TWO is designed to assist staff to understand international cultures and therefore will be able to understand their guests/customers/clients and deal with them professionally.

1. CULTURAL AWARENESS ONE: Cultures in the Workplace

  • the Southern African cultures
  • the impact of cultures in the workplace
  • understanding other cultures
  • learning to react appropriately to the actions of people from other cultures
  • religion and it's impact on the workplace
  • dealing with empathy and understanding with people from other religions
Target Audience
  • All staff who deal with staff and managers.

2. CULTURAL AWARENESS TWO: International Cultures

As we deal with so many International guests, the trainer will consult with the client to determine the main groups of International guests who visit the organisation. Emphasis will then be given to these groups.

  • an overview of international cultures
  • the benefits guests from these cultures bring to the business
  • meeting the demands and expectations of guests from different cultures (in a two-day course, emphasis can be given to three cultures in detail)
  • understanding and dealing with the religious demands of guests
Target Audience
  • All staff who deal with international guests.